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Gas Fitting Pictures

Gas cooktop installation

From below you can see the picture on the left is the old hot water service and the new replacement is the picture on the right, if you look closely at the left picture you will see that it looks quite messy and that the isolation valve in the cold water supply pipe is incorrect in design for a continuous flow because it has a built in non return valve. The new unit is set up with three controllers inside.
                                        Old unit                                                                    New Rinnai Infinity 26, max temperature 50 degrees C

Kitchen range hood ducting to outside

From the below pictures on the left you can see a Bosch 10P with a big yellow flame and the signs of soot from incomplete combustion, once the gas burner has been removed for cleaning you can see the blockage in the burner port, the picture on the right is the mud dauber wasp nest cell that was lodged inside the burner port.
The mud dauber wasp had made its nest in one of the burner tubes causing a big yellow flame and soot on the heat exchanger and outside casing of the appliance.
Once the gas burner had been serviced and re assembled you can see that the flame picture is much cleaner without the big yellow flames.